About Us

The Kandla Timber Association(KTA) was established in the year 1987 to promote the development and growth of the Timber Industry in the port town of Kandla and its adjacent areas.

Knadla Port enjoys the distinct advantage of being the biggest port. Timber imports has witnessed a huge and constant growth since1987 till date. The average growth rate of the timber import volumes has been over 20% on YOY bases.

Kandla Timber Association has been registered as an Non profit and Non trading organization and has been playing a pivotal role in the development of the trade since its inception.

Objectives of Kandla Timber Association

  • To provide a platform to all the timber importers, plywood and veneer manufacturers, saw millers, traders and other holders of Kandla/ Gandhidham.
  • To be an able facilitator for promotion of timber trade.
  • To be able to improve the image of the timber trade industry in Kandla Port.
  • To promote and maintain understanding and harmony among the members.
  • To be able to maintain a liaison with the government to enable to form policies,and to be able to solve issues related to timber or wood industries with the government.