Council of Administration

The president and its team of members in the council of administration of the association are maintained by the members of the association every two years. The council determines the direction on while the association needs to function. The members are nominated from different areas of expertise and they can come together to form one cohesive unit working for the development of the timber grade.


Name  Designation Mobile No Fax Email  Photo
Shri Navnit R. Gajjar President 98252 25103 Navnit R. Gajjar
Shri Hemchandra Yadav V President 98252 25515 Hemchandra B. Yadav
Shri Swaminath Dubey Hon. Secretary 90999 26871  Swaminath Dubey
Shri Saurabh Agarwal Joint Secretary 99998 92005 Saurabh Agarwal
Shri Bharat H. Patel Hon. Treasurer 98250 20825
Shri Parveen Bansal Joint Treasurer 99099 48025 Parveen Bansal

Other Committee Members

Name Mobile No Fax Email Photo
Shri Shalesh Kamboj (Mintu) 9586999933
Shri Dharmesh C. Joshi 99137 77766  Dharmesh C. Joshi
Shri Sameer Garg 98252 25930 Sameer Garg
Shri Mukesh Bhartia 98252  19463
Shri Prashant Goel 98252  27055  Prashant Goel
Shri Devkinandan Bansal 98252 26347  Devkinandan Bansal
Shri Tinu D. Gandhi 98242 04915 Tinu D. Gandhi
Co-Opted Members
Shri Ravjibhai K. Patel  9426214933  
Shri Dinesh Bansal 9909921718  Dinesh Bansal
Shri Rohit Shah  9825225105  Rohit Shah
Shri Shiv Kumar Mittal (Bhola Bhai)  9879580499  Shiv Kumar Mittal